I just ordered! How long will it take to get to me?

  • All orders will be shipped out within 5 business days! All items will be mailed via USPS First-Class Mail. Please allow for a slightly longer delivery time due to world events.

Can I return my items? 

  • All sales will be final. If you have issues with your order, please reach out to me through email under the contact tab!
My items arrived damaged! What do I do?
  • All items are packed with care and leave in pristine condition. Sometimes, accidents happen in transit that causes damages (bends, folds, tears) that aren't expected. In these instances, please contact me so that we can arrange for another to be shipped to you.

Where do you ship from? 

  • I am currently based near Salt Lake City, Utah and shipments will dispatch from here.

Is there tracking on the orders? 

  • To keep shipping costs low, orders that are flat (like stickers and prints) are mailed with a stamp and currently are not tracked. Bulky items (like keychains or pins) will include tracking.

Why is international shipping so expensive?

  • When shipping internationally (especially pins, keychains, or anything that doesn't fit in a letter-sized envelope) is seen as a package fee. These packages are also tracked, making it easy to see where your order is!

It's been weeks! Where is my order? 

  • Sometimes, mail gets lost and I totally understand the frustration! Please contact your local post office first and open a case with them. Once the item is declared as lost, I will be more than happy to attempt to reship the items to you.

Can I share your stuff on social media?

  • Absolutely! I only ask that you give me credit for the art by mentioning my Instagram account @pikalinstudios somewhere in your post and not removing any watermarks. Thank you for your support!